Oct 14, 2011
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The Service Employees International Union - Office, retail and food workers, primarily - are collectively in favor of separating corporations from government; ending the public bailouts of traders who lose, and bankers who invest stupidly - traders and bankers who, according to rules they have paid our leaders to enact and enforce, create risk for us while profiting continually the public expense; stopping the systemic concentration of illegitimate wealth and collecting of revenues solely from working classes by means of an indefensibly regressive tax-code which deepens and expands poverty all the while it concentrates wealth into the hands of the few who pay only for their own luxury. All three branches of it.

The Corrupt, the 1% who have parasitically taken all the fruits of the land, destroyed the prosperity brought about by our labor over a dozen generations, and given nothing for it, will find ways to vilify the rest of us: the clerks, the people who prepare their meals. Call us hippies and Socialists and anarchists, because we gather, we document and educate. Ridicule is the last weapon of the fearful.

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